This website is becoming an online hub for the work of the composer James Waide. Please hold tight while the site (and, indeed, the composer) is being developed to its full potential.

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James Waide is a composer, conductor and improvisor currently living in Manchester, UK. Having completed his undergraduate studies in Music at the University of Hull, he is now mid-way through a Masters’ programme in Composition at the Royal Northern College of Music. His work has recently been performed at the Chamber Music festival at the RNCM, as well as in the Manchester festival of Contemporary Music for All (CoMA).

As a Conductor, he has worked with professional and amateur musicians, with his most recent engagement being a R&D week for “Contraband Concourse”, an experimental Opera by Cally Statham.

At the Royal Northern College of Music, James was a founding member of the RNCM Collective, an experimental and improvisatory music-making ensemble made of students at the college. James has written music for this ensemble, and has worked with other composers to shape their music for the collective.


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